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Turquoise – a stone to connect you with the Earth

You often find yourself craving nature. The feeling of your bare feet on the Earth, toes wiggling in the dirt/sand/water/grass. It could be any nature. Whatever it is, you're there. You need regular walks in nature, camping trips, and swimming in big natural bodies of water to be at your best and juiciest.

Centering yourself in nature helps you to stabilize and release what no longer serves you. For the times in which you aren't able to do this through connecting with nature, turquoise will be a good friend. Turquoise supports us in finding our grounding, and it protects us as we do the work of releasing old patterns and what no longer serves us. It helps us to move away from any negative energy and improve our overall mental state. It helps us to be in harmony and in flow with all that is and with all that we are bringing forward in this lifetime.

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