Stones are powerful energetic tools. Formed deep in the Earth over thousands or millions of years, they carry with them energetic impressions and Earth wisdom that we can benefit from. Each variety of stone has it's own unique imprint and way it can help us. This guide is not definitive, but can be a quick reference to help you determine what stone might help you in the moment. ANY stone can be a tool, not just the ones that we see as valuable or beautiful. 


Agate is a gentle and balancing stone that helps to level out emotions and transform negative energies. Placed over the heart, it helps to heal the heart and helps the wearer to accept love


Botswana Agate

Botswana agate is a stone for seeing the bigger picture, finding solutions and taking action. It helps you as you explore the unknown.


Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate is a nurturing stone. It helps to address feelings of rejection and fear, and helps to remove emotional blockages. It acts as support to the throat chakra, helping the wearer to use their voice to speak the truth.


Dendritic Agate

Dendritic agate is a stone of abundance, and helps you pull to you what you're calling in.



Amazonite serves as an energetic filter. It is a very soothing stone, and aligns your physical body with your energetic body.



Amethyst is a high-vibration protective stone with many beneficial properties. It has the power to dispel negative feelings, transmute negative energy (our own or that of others) into love. It helps us to visualize clearly, feel motivated, and make decisions. It balances and cleanses our energy, and can be calming or stimulating depending on what is needed. It can enhance higher states of consciousness, and helps us to synthesize what we are learning. It promotes insight into the nature of the divine.



Apatite is a stone for inspiration and manifestation. It clears away confusion, and helps us as we work for the common good. It connects us both to the future, as well as to the past. It aids in communication, and sharpening intellect. It can help us to overcome emotional exhaustion.



Aquamarine is a stone for courage. It helps us to take responsibility for our own actions, and helps to calm the mind and clarify perception. It helps the wearer to gain closure and move forward. It sharpens intuition, and helps us to communicate clearly and from a deep level of truth.



Bloodstone helps to strengthen the body and regain personal power and vitality. It helps you to gain clarity and to adjust to new things. It also encourages flexibility, as well as the ability to avoid dangerous situations.



Calcite cleanses and amplifies energy, raising the vibration wherever it goes. It speeds up our personal growth and helps us link into unity-consciousness. It promotes emotional intelligence, and stimulates motivation.



Carnelian is a stone for grounding and deepening your understanding of your path in life. It helps you to transmute residual energy from negative conditioning and abuse, and helps you to trust yourself and your own intuition. It stimulates creativity and motivation, giving clarity to your purpose.



Chalcedony is a stone of goodwill and togetherness. It absorbs and dissipates negative energy. It promotes harmony (both personally and humanity-wide), facilitates easeful personal reflection, uplifts the spirit, and creates a sense of self-assuredness.



Chrysoprase is a stone for calling in all of the best things. It soothes anxiety and puts you in alignment to receive abundance, prosperity, joy, and love. It reminds you that you are part of the divine whole.



Citrine carries the power of the sun. It is a stone of abundance and teaches us how to manifest whatever it is that we want an abundance of. Citrine helps us to bring out our most unique qualities, and love ourselves as we are. It is a powerful transmuter of negative energy, and helps to keep energetic vibrations high and positive.



Emerald resonates with the heart chakra. It helps to open it and tonify it's energy. It helps to keep partnership in balance and enhances unconditional love.


Fire opal

Fire opal enhances personal power, and reignites inner fire. It helps us to weather the storms of injustice, and to move through feelings of grief.



Fluorite is very protective stone. It protects us from negative outside influences and stress. It stimulates intellect also to improve focus and avoid patterns that create disorganization.



Garnet revitalizes and reenergizes. It helps us to center ourselves during crisis, keeping us in a mindset where hope is plentiful.


Herkimer diamond

Herkimer diamonds are actually high grade, double terminated quartz crystals. One particularly special attribute of Herkimer diamonds is that when two are together, they sync up energetically, and stay linked even if they are taken to opposite ends of the Earth. They clear your lenses of perception, which allows in other forms of knowing, greater clarity in your life, and spurs on creativity.



Iolite connects you to inner knowing and helps you to hone your visioning abilities – both psychically as well as crafting strategic vision. It helps us understand things on a deeper level, including giving us insight on disharmony in our relationships so that we can clear it.



Jasper is a nurturing and calming stone. It promotes a feeling of being complete, and helps us to feel courageous when addressing challenging circumstances.



Kyanite helps to bring your chakras into alignment and raise your vibration. Because it so instantly and thoroughly clears your chakras, it is also clearing all barriers that have popped up between you and what you are manifesting.Kyanite encourages accountability and personal power.



Labradorite is a stone for bringing light where there is darkness. It a wonderful stone for spiritual work and clearing through baggage that prevents us from understanding our purpose.



Lapis is a stone of royalty, and was particularly cherished by Cleopatra. It releases stress and helps us to connect with our spiritual guardians. It creates stability and harmony, and encourages us to take charge in our lives.



Larimar raises your vibration and attunes you with the vibration of love. Because of this, it helps you to release old emotional wounds and align with soulmates. It grounds us on our path in life.



Moonstone is a stone for connecting with the divine feminine and promoting gentle energy. It helps us to understand that like the cycles of the moon, there are cycles in our lives, and helps us to cultivate tranquility during times of change.



Morganite is the ultimate love stone. It aligns us with unconditional love. It gently opens our hearts and helps us to clear out old wounds, and then attract and maintain love. It also helps us to connect with wisdom of our guides.



Prehenite aligns us with the love of the divine, and shows us the way forward for our spiritual growth. It creates a protective shield around us as we do our inner work.



Quartz is the most versatile stone. It amplifies energy, and works to heal and protect us. It helps to release negativity and get us unstuck. It raises our energy to the highest level we are ready for.


Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a powerful heart opener. It acts as a lens – when we are using the stone everything that comes to us is filtered through the lens of love, as well as everything that comes from us. It helps to develop a deeper understanding of love.


Rutilated quartz

Rutilated quartz helps us to integrate energy and make best use of healing energy. It helps us to grow spiritually by helping us to understand what is at the root of any discord in our lives, and helps us to move forward on our paths.


Selenite clears your energy and helps you to release anxiety and to raise your vibration. 

Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz grounds us and transmutes any negative or diseased energy. It is deeply purifying and helps us to release anything that does not serve us. It helps to alleviate fear and instill courage and tranquility.



Ruby balances the heart and stimulates energy. It prepares us to transmute energies that do not serve us.


Ruby in zoisite

Ruby in zoisite is a stone for soul level learning and development. It helps us to gain access to other levels of knowing.



Selenite is a stone of alignment, clarity, and opening. Selenite is a stone of purification. It does not hold negative energy at all. It aligns and clears our chakras, as well as cleans and resets the energy of stones that we work with.


Snowflake obsidian

Snowflake obsidian helps us to center ourselves and learn from all experiences, both our successes and failures. It calms us and helps us to be receptive.



Sodalite helps us to integrate all of our ways of knowing. It creates harmony in groups and helps us to productively work together.



Sunstone reminds us that life is sweet and full of brightness, and aligns us with our own ability to bring light. It helps us to gain energetic space from people or situations that drain us. It helps to create healthy boundaries and feelings of empowerment.


Tigers eye

Tigers eye helps to combat feelings of low self-worth. It helps us to access higher consciousness, but also keeps us grounded and focused.



Tourmaline is a protective stone and helps to disperse negative energy. It helps to move stagnant or dense energy and promotes light, bright, high vibration energy.


Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is super protective. It creates a shield around us or around our homes to protect from negative energy. It promotes positivity and helps to keep our thoughts clear.



Turquoise promotes stability. It helps to protect us as we do the work of releasing old patterns and ways of being that no longer serve us, and helps to protect us and dispel negative energy. It lends us strength as well as creates a sense of inner calm. 

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