Tips to care for your jewelry

  • Take it off! Take off your jewelry when you’re sleeping or working out, or doing other things that could pull it or scratch it. 

  • Have dedicated spots for storing your jewelry. Have a jewelry box or bag, but also have little dishes anywhere you might be tempted to take something off. 

  • Clasp your necklace as soon as you take it off. This makes it much easier to untangle! If you’re traveling with it or storing it for a while, wrap it around a card and keep it in a plastic bag.

  • Put it on last. You don’t want it to get a bunch of hairspray or sunscreen on it, if it can be avoided. While the metals that I use are high quality and durable, any metal can be subject to chemical damage. Stones as well can change color from this (especially opals) 

  • Clean it! a little soap and water goes a long way. If your silver is tarnished, we recommend fluoride toothpaste gently rubbed on and then rinsed, the baking soda and tinfoil method (look it up! Do not use this method with opals or other fragile stones as it can cause them to crack), or a light buffing with a sunshine cloth. It also may be worth investing in an at home ultrasonic cleaner. Use warm soapy water in it, and then rinse off. Your jewels will SPARKLE. This one is especially useful for jewelry that is worn daily (you’d be appalled at what starts to collect in the crevices).


All pieces are made from sterling silver, 14k gold fill, 14k rose gold fill, or solid 14k gold. With average wear and tear, gold fill will wear just like solid gold (and at a fraction of the price). It is a thick layer of gold (100x as much as plating or vermeil) that is pressure bonded to another metal (usually silver or brass). It is suitable for nearly all people with sensitive skin and metal allergies who are able to wear gold. We carefully choose our stones for their energetic resonance. The stones naturally vary. If you have a specific request, please contact us before ordering. 


Necklace length 

Every neck is different! The best way to figure out the ideal length for your necklace is to measure. Either use a soft measuring tape and hold it directly around your neck, or measure the length of a necklace that sits where you'd like your new piece to sit. The most common size necklace is 16", but many people wear 18", 20", or 22". 14" is the most common size for chokers. 



Repairs and replacements

  • The jewelry I make is a tool, not just an accessory. Because of this, I don’t have the expectation that a piece of jewelry will stay exactly the same for its entire life. If your chain breaks, and it’s in good enough condition otherwise, the repair I offer is to add a tiny stone in the chain. 

  • If an earring has gone missing, first, be patient, it may be making your way back to you. Second, if it’s definitely not making its way back to you, it’s probably because it’s time for you to welcome in something new. Single earrings are only available in the Santosha and Grace styles.

  • Not everything can be repaired. Sometimes they’re just broken for good. Usually that means that the medicine that piece had to offer to you has done it’s work and you no longer need it! Congratulations! 

  • Quotes on repairs are valid for one week. In that time, you need to pay for your repair, send your piece, and send me the tracking info. 

  • Repairs are only offered January - September. Q4 is crazy for makers. I just don’t have time to fit in repairs during Q4. Sorry!

  • If you receive an item that is damaged, please contact me within a week of receiving it so I can make it right.



  • Items are generally shipped about a week after being placed. If you need your item before then, please reach out in advance to see if it's possible to fulfill your order in time! 
  • Items are packaged on a letter pressed card in a cellophane sleeve. Gift wrap is available on request. If you need something special, please let us know! 

  • Domestic shipping is $5 on orders that do not meet the threshold for free shipping. In most cases, your item will go out within a week, but as most items are made to order, sometimes it might take a bit longer. Expedited shipping is available, but shipping estimate times start after your package is shipped - I still need time to make it! If you need an especially fast turn around time, please contact me in advance to make sure that it is possible. I always do my best to accommodate special requests. 
  • International shipping is available. If you don’t see your country listed, please contact me so that arrangements to be made. As you surely already know, international packages may take longer to arrive than domestically shipped items. While most packages arrive without any duties fees, should your package require payment of duties, you are responsible for those fees.



Should you receive an item that has been damaged in transit, please notify us within 7 days of receipt so that I can exchange or repair your piece! When the return has started, you have seven days to ship it and send me the tracking information. As our jewelry is made to order, I do not accept returns or exchanges other than those damaged in transit.



      • Customization. Most pieces can be customized! Need something shorter? Longer? With a different stone? A hybrid of two pieces? If I can do it, I'd be happy to!

      • Fully custom pieces. I’m happy to work with you to create the piece of your dreams, as long as it’s within my general style. (But one thing I don't do is cut stones).

      • Fine jewelry. Fine jewelry is mostly made to order. It usually takes at least a few weeks to complete, depending on the project. Generally anything that is cast or soldered is in the realm of fine jewelry for me, and is available in 14k or 18k white, yellow, or rose gold.

      • Coaching and intuitive direction. Want support in figuring out your next steps? Think I'm the person to help you? I'd be happy to. These one time sessions are an opportunity to recalibrate, center, and gain a new perspective on where you’re at in your journey.

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