Stone spotlight: Beryl

Beryl is one of my favorite classes of mineral, and has many different varieties which are popular in jewelry. The most popular are emerald, aquamarine, and morganite. Besides being beautiful, they each have wonderful metaphysical properties. 


Emeralds are a stone for healing and strengthening the heart. They help us to find true heart connections, and inspire loyalty and deep bonding. Emeralds can help you to have clarity in your life path, and help you to be prosperous within it. Emeralds remind us that we are always protected and provided for.


Aquamarine is a stone for courage. It helps to calm us and support us in moving through our fears. It helps to protect us as we venture bravely. Aquamarine promotes all of our ways of knowing, including stimulating deep intuition. It also opens the throat chakra and helps us to speak the truth clearly.


Morganite is a stone for divine and unconditional love. It is a wonderful stone for celebrating partnership and commitment, or for attracting this kind of love. Its energy is extremely high vibration, and the way it works in our lives is soft, gentle, and easy. It connects us to the sense of being one with the divine and the experience of universal love.


Beryls are often reserved for fine jewelry because of their rarity and price, but I love beryls, and try to incorporate them into both my fine and demi-fine work work as often as possible.

Looking for a custom piece of fine jewelry with a beryl? Shoot me an e-mail! I have a bunch of beautiful stones in my secret stash!

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